Scholarships for 3000 Syrian Students by King Salman

Scholarship Program for Syrian Students:

KSA has launched a new program of awarding scholarships to three thousand Syrian students. Government of Saudi Arab is ready to implement the plan of giving scholarships to the Syrian students. The scholarships will be distributed in different academic institutions and public sectors of higher education. The Education Ministry of Saudi Arab has passed the orders to twenty three universities of Saudia to select the mentioned number of Syrian students for scholarship program.

It was stated by the Ministry of Education that scholarships will be awarded by the custodian of the holy mosques, the King Salman. The scholarships will be renewable. It means that in case of need one is eligible to apply for renewal of scholarship. This application will be put forward to scholarship committee. This a kind of facility provided to the Syrian students. They can avail it in case of need. Saudi government is taking steps to help them. The main purpose of this program is to show the feelings of support for the Syrians. The generous King Salman wants to develop brotherly relations with the Syrians. This initiative is also a sign of that. It was considered that their relation with Syria was spoiled due to the war but Saudia wants to regain a healthy relationship with Syria.

Ministry of Education has prepared the objectives for the scholarship program and is ready to implement it. Criteria for the acceptance controls, procedures and admissions are all set. The main divisions of the tasks formulated to run the scholarship program include benefits for the students, total budget cost on the program and distribution of scholarships among academic institutions and public sectors. The program is designed in accordance with the instructions of the King Salman.

Education is every child’s right. The goal for serving in education sector is to bring the talented students of Syria into light. To encourage them to work hard and serve their people. To equip them with all what is necessary to gain edge over the competitors in the world. Producing Syrian students as engineers, future leaders and economists so they can contribute in the well-being of their country later. In the long run Syria can improve its position in the world and develop defensive strategies.

On the declaration of scholarships for three thousand Syrian students by the King Salman, Syrians have showed the feelings of gratitude towards the humble King Salman. They have really appreciated this step of the King. They have thanked him. They said that this step would be of great help especially for the displaced people of the Syria. As they want to grow and achieve better living standards to survive in the world in a better way. When a Syrian student was asked, he said that these scholarships means a lot to too many students of Syria. They have dreams, spirit of doing something extra ordinary. They were disappointed by the conditions of war but this program is just like a ray hope which will encourage them to stand out and show the world.


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