Procedure to Apply for Saudi Iqama | Muqeem iqama | Muqeem Card

First thing to do for Muqeem Card / Saudi Iqama:

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The very first legal procedure to undergo for a new resident in Saudi Arabia is to obtain a permanent resident id, known as Muqeem card or iqama. Saudi Iqama is the valid identity that is used for identification and all sorts of paper work and documentation in Saudi Arabia. The resident visa issued is valid only for a period of 90 days. The sponsor or the employer has to obtain or facilitate the procedure to get the permanent residence permit, the Iqama. This has to be done before the employment visa expires.
In case, a person is unable to obtain his muqeem card or saudi iqama, the sponsor has to pay a penalty. The people who come to Saudi Arabia on a free visa have to pay to their sponsor according to the deal already agreed upon by the two sides.

An individual is supposed to carry his Iqama with him all the time. In case, a person is caught moving around without Iqama, he has to pay a penalty of 1000 Saudi Riyal. The penalty amount is doubled the second time and is raised to thrice if it happens a third time; eventually followed by the deportation of that individual.

Procedure to apply for Muqeem Card / Saudi Iqama:

  1. The first step is to get a medical checkup from one of the authorized medical centers. The person has to bring his passport copy with him. The medical report is handed over within two days. A copy of this medical report is directly sent to Ministry of Interior as well. The rest of the procedure is carried out through authorized agents. Photographs and passport is to be submitted.
  2. The engineering professionals have to get them registered with Saudi engineering council, if they have obtained an engineer visa. The same goes for the medical professionals who have to obtain registration Saudi Medical Council, in case they have a professional medical visa to join a hospital or clinic. There is also a proficiency test to be taken and cleared as per the Saudi laws and standards before these professionals can start performing their duties in their respective occupational capacities.
    *Saudi Engineering Council Registration Process.
  3. The Saudi Iqama is valid for one Hijri year and there is a regular fees of 650 Saudi Riyal. Usually, all the expenses are supposed to be paid by the sponsor; but in some cases like, those with free visas are paid by the individual himself, as it is usually agreed upon by the individual already.
  4. The resident needs to make sure that the name on his/her residence permit matches the name on the passport. Also, the name in English should match the name in Arabic. In case, there is a difference in the names, the individual has to apply for a correction procedure. This is very necessary as all the following documentation and transactions are mostly carried out digitally; for instance bank accounts, money transactions, professional authorization, clearance certificates, travel documentation etc. So, a difference in names can cause serious issues later on as the mismatched names are not accepted by the computer systems, hence hindering any sort of procedures.


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